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Teletherapy Tech Recs

This tip sheet provides recommendations for technology to promote successful teletherapy sessions.

Teletherapy Tip Sheet

This tip sheet provides information to promote a successful teletherapy session!

Pathways Services Fall 2020

We are so happy to announce our Fall 2020 Services. Please see the document for materials and next steps.

Moving Forward to Fall 2020

This announcement includes details for info meetings to learn about Pathways services moving forward, a new chapter for Betsy Sylvester (Speech Language Pathologist), and the transition plan for speec...

Pathways Pilot Teletherapy Reminder

In the next few weeks, Pathways will be wrapping up our teletherapy pilot. If you are interested, you can still schedule sessions up until August 20th. Please use the portal to schedule a Virtual Ther...