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The 7 Steps to Instructional Control

I pull a lot of information from this book. The language used is a bit outdated (the author sometimes refers to “curing” autism spectrum disorder, and I do not agree with that statement fo...

The Behavior Code

This is a book that I often recommend to educators and related service providers. It is very straightforward and accessible, even if you don’t speak “ABA.” We have a copy at DSG if y...

Bathroom Routine Visual

Here is a visual to help with bathroom routine.

Cards for Conversational Turn Taking

Practice answering and asking questions. These cards will provide a visual cue to prompt conversation topics and questions to ask.

Size of the Problem

These can be used to help Caleb learn how the size of a problem informs how he responds and provides a visual way of conceptualizing different problems. Using this consistent language across environme...

Speech Cards part 2

Here are more speech cards to practice with D. They are multisyllabic and contain sounds that can be difficult – especially /n/.

Conversational Turns – Asking Quesitons

Use these cards to help with asking questions back and forth.

Basic Conversational Turn Taking

Use these cards to provide a visual prompt for the back and forth nature of conversation. First, ask Brie a question that is the topic presented. Once she has answered, use the other side of the card ...

Stay on Topic

Use this card as a visual reminder to stay on topic when asking questions or having a conversation.