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Wh-Questions Visual

I like to take this with me when we work on wh- questions. Having this visual accessible is a helpful strategy.

What Do You Carrier Phrase

This is the tool I am trying to use to teach our self-advocates to ask questions. It has been very successful so far!

What Do You Carrier Phrases

This is what we have been working on in therapy. I think if we teach our-self advocates to ask pertinent questions, they will be more equipped to have a conversation!

How to add an event on apple calendar (iPad)

Attached is the visual support we have used in our sessions to help John Paul create an event in his iPad calendar. Feel free to use at home when creating other events.

Expected and Unexpected Visual Story

Attached is a visual story discussing expected and unexpected ways to talk with friends. Feel free to read this book with your self-advocate and talk about examples. For example, expected ways to talk...

TouchChat Questions

The following list of questions were created with all answers being present within JP’s TouchChat talker. JP can use his voice or talker to answer each question. Feel free to use this list of qu...

Comments Visual Story

Attached is a visual story about making comments that was reviewed during Social Engagement. Feel free to read this story with your self-advocate and bring attention to comments made throughout your d...

Observing Others Visual Story

Attached is a visual story about observing how others feel. This visual story was reviewed during a Social Engagement group session. Feel free to read this story with your self-advocate. While reading...