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Long Term Planning 101

Long Term Planning 101 information

Ed Puzzle Test

Testing out the ED Puzzle Link.

Kansas ABLE Savings Accounts

Here is the site for information about Kansas ABLE savings accounts.

Douglas County CDDO Handbook

What you need to know about your specific CDDO in Douglas County

Considering Respite Support Options- lifecoursetools.com

This is a resource from the Charting the Life Course framework on lifecoursetools.com, which walks families through strategies that could help you secure options for respite support. I wanted to share...

Steps to Respite Care

Christy, you may find this resource helpful as you navigate respite care for Matthew.

I can be a great employee (Visual Support)

This visual support is to facilitate conversation between parents and self-advocates about what it takes to be a great employee. There are many social skills involved with being a great employee, as w...

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