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The Behavior Code

This is a book that I often recommend to educators and related service providers. It is very straightforward and accessible, even if you don’t speak “ABA.” We have a copy at DSG if y...

Child Info Template

Go to this blog to learn how to create a child info page to ensure that your child’s IEP team knows how to best support your child!

Kansas SPED Guidance COVID-19

This document provides information regarding special education compliance during stay-at-home orders.

Missouri SPED Compliance COVID-19

This document outlines some frequently asked questions regarding special education services during stay-at-home orders.

AAC Online Resources

Her is a list of online resources for working with and learning AAC. Please contact your Pathways team if you have any questions.

Resources for At-Home Learning

During this time of learning at home, and keeping our families busy while maintaining social distancing, our team came up with a list of resources that range from entertainment to educational. These l...

Missouri Novel Coronavirus Information Hotline

At this link you will find the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services hotline number for the novel coronavirus. Use this number if you have questions regarding any aspect of the COVID-19 Pa...

Johnson County COVID-19 Hotline

Johnson County has set up a COVID-19 hotline. You may call the hotline between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM to ask questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Johnson County school nurses will be mannin...

Fresh Comfort

Adaptive undergarments for women.

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