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Letter of Recommendation

Matthew was provided 5 copies on letterhead. However, here is a copy if needed.

The Behavior Code

This is a book that I often recommend to educators and related service providers. It is very straightforward and accessible, even if you don’t speak “ABA.” We have a copy at DSG if y...

Child Info Template

Go to this blog to learn how to create a child info page to ensure that your child’s IEP team knows how to best support your child!

Kansas SPED Guidance COVID-19

This document provides information regarding special education compliance during stay-at-home orders.

Missouri SPED Compliance COVID-19

This document outlines some frequently asked questions regarding special education services during stay-at-home orders.

AAC Online Resources

Her is a list of online resources for working with and learning AAC. Please contact your Pathways team if you have any questions.

Resources for At-Home Learning

During this time of learning at home, and keeping our families busy while maintaining social distancing, our team came up with a list of resources that range from entertainment to educational. These l...

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