learning-tools-categoory: Visual Supports

House Visual

Use this visual to help Brie think of others things she can say to indicate that she does not want to participate or needs a break.

Silly/Not Silly book inserts

These pages go with the story about what is and is not silly. Matthew can use these pages to remind himself about what his sister likes and does not like. He can also use these pages to brainstorm new...

Silly Book

This is a social story about ways Matthew can be silly with Elisa and some silly things that may make Elisa upset.

Exercise Cards

Contact marie@kcdsg.org if you need any extra exercise cards created or if anything needs to be edited.

Getting in the Car Visual

Use this to promote success during unexpected transitions to the car.

Family script for phone calls

This is the script for Caleb’s friends and family to follow when practicing phone calls.

Help for making phone calls

Here is the book to help Caleb make phone calls. Laminate the pages (or put them in page protectors). Before phone calls are made, have him make the choices on the right hand side of each page. Send t...

Additional Food Cards

Here are the requested food cards. Please let me know if they are too big or small.

COVID-19 Social Story #2

Here is another social story regarding COVID-19. This social story has picture-supported text to ensure that it is accessible to readers at different levels. This social story was created by Brie, a s...