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Isaac sings mom’s phone number!

This video shows Isaac singing his mom’s phone number!

Teletherapy Skill Building Session 11.17.2020

Session from 11.17.2020. Targets included attention & participation, motor-planning and articulation, expressive communication, and core vocabulary.

First/Then Flashcards – Errorless Learning

Here is a video model to see how we are using errorless learning with the first/then flashcards. Errorless learning is a method thay ensures the learner responds correctly. Please let us know if you h...

National Council on Independent Living

A video series on sex education for and by people with IDD.

Madilynn’s Speech Video

Here is an example of the speech videos for Madi's YouTube Channel. Let me know what name you created!

Cora’s speech tutorial

Here is an example of speech hand cues used with Cora.

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