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Emotional ABCs Tool Bar Flip Book

Learn how to use our Tool Bar Flip Book to practice and implement our problem solving strategy!

Following a Visual Checklist

Watch as Clare follows a visual checklist to deliver mail to princesses! Clare independently utilized her finger to follow along and carried her checklist to complete the next step if needed. This ski...

Writing Wizard

Hunter using a stylus to work on his prewriting shapes in Writing Wizard app. He also uses this to practice writing his name.

Hunter Puts His Shirt On!

This video shows Hunter putting on his shirt with minimal (verbal) prompting! The consistent, concise language that is used includes the following: shirt on, head in hole, find armholes, use your eyes...

Walking Safely in Parking Lot

This video shows how visuals were utilized to promote Hunter walking safely in the parking lot while also providing verbal praise for following directions. A visual story was read before going on the ...

Peyton puts puff balls in container

Peyton used tweezers to put puff balls in the container. She was easily redirected using the choice card. She also requested Marie. She was clearly over Megan. 😄

Peyton delivers mail

We expanded on our mail play routine. Peyton delivered mail to the princesses. Next time we will place the castles around the room.

Peyton uses her talker and completes the mailbox activity

Peyton uses her talker and completes the mailbox activity