video category: Self Advocate

Soup Breathing

Practice Soup Breathing with Megan!

Hunter Puts His Shirt On!

This video shows Hunter putting on his shirt with minimal (verbal) prompting! The consistent, concise language that is used includes the following: shirt on, head in hole, find armholes, use your eyes...

writing first name

Here is a video of Jack writing his first name!

gross motor name practice

Here is a video of Jack practicing letter formation for the letters in his first name. Duct tape was put on the floor and Jack had fun tracing over the letters with a race car!

16 Turn Conversation

Utilizing a conversational board game visual, Caleb took 16 turns during a conversation with Jessica!!! He initiated a greeting, he asked questions, he answered questions, and ended the conversation.

Prewriting Shape Tape Tracing

This activity was utilized to practice the formation of prewriting shapes with a play-based approach. Consistent language was utilized – big line down, line across, around and stop.

Isaac sings mom’s phone number!

This video shows Isaac singing his mom’s phone number!

Wearing a Mask

Watch this video for Zach to show you how and where to wear your mask! You can find more video models posted on DSG’s Facebook page. We would love for you to share your pictures and videos of you and ...