video category: Self Advocate

Isaac sings mom’s phone number!

This video shows Isaac singing his mom’s phone number!

Wearing a Mask

Watch this video for Zach to show you how and where to wear your mask! You can find more video models posted on DSG’s Facebook page. We would love for you to share your pictures and videos of you and ...

Getting in the Car Video Model

Use this video model to help promote success with unexpected transitions to the car. Creating a video model using the visual and filming either Caleb and/or brother may be more effective. Please send ...

Washing Your Hands

Video model of how to thoroughly wash your hands.

Safe at the Store

Video version of Charlie’s social story about being safe at the store.

Parking Lot Safety

Watch this video to promote walking safely in the parking lot.

Blowing Your Nose

Watch this video to promote blowing your nose in a tissue!

Safety in the Community: Starring Isaac

Video model of Isaac safely crossing the street, walking on a sidewalk, and in a parking lot.

Safety in the Community: Starring Corbin

Video model of Corbin safely walking on a sidewalk and crossing the street.