video category: Self Advocate

Putting on Shoes Video Modeling

Watch how Matthew teaches us how to put on our shoes!

Handwashing Video Model

Watch as Matthew teaches us how to wash our hands!

Cleaning Screen Printing Screens

Matthew learns to clean screen printing screens!

Tshirt Orders

Matthew preparing t-shirt orders!

Soup Breathing

This video shows an example of Soup Breathing. Encourage Ryan to use Soup Breathing (or any other deep breathing technique that he prefers) throughout the day, especially before historically challengi...

Folding Tshirts

Matthew independently folding t-shirts and sorting them!

Emotional ABCs Tool Bar Flip Book

Learn how to use our Tool Bar Flip Book to practice and implement our problem solving strategy!

Soup Breathing

Practice Soup Breathing with Megan!

Hunter Puts His Shirt On!

This video shows Hunter putting on his shirt with minimal (verbal) prompting! The consistent, concise language that is used includes the following: shirt on, head in hole, find armholes, use your eyes...